Why It's Worth Hiring Highlands College Students

Why It's Worth Hiring Highlands College Students

We recently received an email from Taleah Murray, an Executive Pastor at Crossroads Church in Southern California. In her email, she shares her experience about how a Highlands College hire has exceeded her expectations. Read below for the full story.

"Dear Highlands College,

I am emailing you because we recently hired a Highlands College graduate, Sawyer McKenzie

We took a risk hiring a 22 year-old... but I had such faith in the leadership development that Church of the Highlands does, that I was willing to take a risk.

I have so much respect for Pastor Chris and his systematic approach that I believed that this young leader would come to us well trained and ready to grow. I’ve watched you guys from afar for many years now. I use your resources, watch your messages, attend ARC conferences, and learn as much as I can from your church. I want to let you know that I have even more respect for Church of the Highlands after working with Sawyer for the past two months.

He has done a great job learning our culture, building teams, taking feedback, rising to challenges, and learning to be a communicator. I know that is largely due to the way you all have trained him up through Highlands College and to your leadership development culture as a church.


I have always wanted to hire a Highlands College graduate and have tried to do so for the past five years, but it never worked out. This time around, I finally got my wish and it was everything I thought it would be! Really, this email is to say thank you and to encourage your team at Highlands College. Thank you for being Kingdom- minded and for doing the hard work of intentionally raising up great leaders. You all are doing a great job and our church in Southern California is reaping the rewards of your hard work.

I appreciate you guys!"


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